Chicago to Shannon to Amman

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A quick dispatch before the (Obamaless, for now) Obama charter takes off from Midway.

This not-a-political-trip marks the unveiling of the newly remodeled and repainted Obama charter plane. It’s spiffy on the outside, with the Obama logo on the tail and “Change We Can Believe In” painted where “North American” used to be. If I could figure out a way to post a picture before we take off, I would, but you will be seeing plenty of it over the next few days.

The inside is remodeled, too. The main Change I Can Believe In (I hope) is the addition of power outlets at our seats, though they haven’t been turned on yet. The flight attendants are saying we will get juice at 10,000 feet. Our commenters regularly ask about the seating. The dailies and television networks are mostly in the second cabin. Brand X and I are in Row 20, which is in the third cabin. It is a typical coach seat, with a tad more legroom than I had on Southwest yesterday. (Lots more seats than before, with attendant loss of legroom.)