Obama’s Overseas Audition

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The Obama campaign is not giving out many details of his big trip to Europe and the Middle East, but he’s clearly got a lot on the line, as I write in this story. Such is the interest in this trip that all three broadcast networks are sending their anchors to Europe to interview him. I’ll be aboard his plane and filing lots and lots of dispatches ( in no small part to justify the enormous amount of money the High Sheriffs will be spending to send me on this trip, which, according to the schedule the campaign has shown us so far, will include five countries in six days).

What isn’t on the schedule, but expected, is that Obama will at some point ditch the entourage and go to Iraq, with fellow senators Jack Reed and Chuck Hagel. Our world editor Bobby Ghosh, who has spent a lot of time there, has some suggestions of what he should do in Baghdad, if he really wants to learn what’s going on. My hunch: No market strolls.