Easy to Say Now

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AP’s Beth Fouhy, mourns the passing of Hillary:

I miss having a woman in the race and the excitement so many women felt at the prospect of electing the first female president. I miss seeing those women on the rope line at Hillary’s campaign events, embracing and whispering to her as though she were their long-lost girlfriend.

I miss watching her shift her views to suit the fast-changing political environment. How her awkward squirm through questions about her vote to authorize the Iraq war gave way to whiskey-swilling populism as the economy went south.

I miss the debates. Hillary amid a group of men, her jewel-toned pantsuits vivid in a sea of gray, navy and cordovan.

I miss wondering which Hillary would show up on a given day.

Would it be angry Hillary, scoffing “Shame on you, Barack Obama”? Would it be self-consciously easygoing Hillary, trying to deflect skeptical questions with a belly laugh? Would it be valedictorian Hillary, primly showing off her knowledge of issues in encyclopedic detail? Or would it be empathic Hillary, hugging voters who shared their stories of medical challenges and lost jobs?

I can’t be the only person who finds this, uhm, insincere?