Re: Phil Gramm and the “Mental Recession”

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I’m not sure this is what McCain had in mind when he suggested that Gramm might make a good ambassador to Belarus. Though given the headaches Gramm’s causing him today, maybe it’s exactly what McCain meant.

Adding to the Gramm flap, Obama had a zinger at a “Women’s Economic Security Town Hall” meeting (that’s a mouth full!) in Fairfax, Virginia this afternoon. The audience of 2,800 groaned/laughed at his Dr. Phil poke then gave Obama a standing ovation on the last line.

Now, Senator McCain is an honorable man, and we all deeply respect his service to our country. But when you look at our records and plans on the economic issues that matter most for women, it becomes very clear that he won’t bring the change we need – while I will.

That starts with acknowledging the economic difficulties so many women are facing right now. Senator McCain, however, has said that we’ve made “great progress” on the economy. And Senator Phil Gramm, a top economic advisor to Senator McCain, just recently said that this is merely “a mental recession.” Senator Gramm then deemed the United States – and I quote – “a nation of whiners.” This comes after Senator McCain recently admitted that his energy proposals will have mainly “psychological” benefits.

Well, you know, America already has one Dr. Phil. When it comes to the economy, we don’t need another.

Let’s be clear, when people are struggling with the rising costs of everything from gas to groceries, when we’ve lost 438,000 jobs over the past six months, when typical families have seen their incomes fall nearly $1,000 since 2000, this economic downturn isn’t in our heads. It isn’t whining to ask for more than just psychological relief.

I’m guessing we’re going to hear this riff again in coming days…