Scott’s Big Day

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All of the fireworks over Scott McClellan’s turncoat book finally culminated in last Friday’s kabuki testimony before the House Oversight Committee where Dems indulged in the word “impeachment” and the GOP tried their best to eat one of their own. But for all of the outrage, Scott’s book shouldn’t be that surprising. He’s just one of several former Austin Democrats* who drank the Bush Kool-Aid, believing he was the path to the Third Way, and came away from the experience disappointed and disillusioned. Just look at Mark McKinnon and Matthew Dowd – who did more to elect Bush than Scott ever did. Scott’s biggest sin isn’t, then, the betrayal, it’s the writing of the tell-all book.

I stand corrected by a colleague — Scott’s mom (a former Austin Mayor) was once a Democrat, but Scott never was. And McKinnon, while quitting McCain’s campaign because he would not work against Obama, still supports McCain and has never publically broken with Bush.