Lieberman’s Liberation

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Story today on Lieberman’s slow separation from the Democratic Party.

One detail that didn’t make it into the story:
Anyone looking for a hint at where Joe Lieberman’s loyalties lies need go no further than the foyer to his Senate offices. There the Connecticut Independent has a proud display of photos of himself with U.S. presidents: Ronald Reagan when he was Connecticut Attorney General, 41 when Lieberman won his Senate seat, a bill signing with Bill Clinton and not one, but three photos of himself with 43. It is a display uncommon for a Democrat, even an Independent one, and in the place of honor a plaque honoring the Connecticut Compromise: the deal struck in 1787 by the committee drawing up the constitution to have two chambers of Congress instead of one parliament, essentially creating the Senate. That deal passed by the “heart-stopping margin of one vote,” according to the plaque, a margin Lieberman is familiar with.