Intern Survival Guide

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Taxpayers for Common Sense has unearthed a revealing memo that tells you a lot about how life looks from the bottom of the pecking order in Washington. The 2007 document apparently was put together by former interns in Rep. Don Young’s office. In addition to listing an “A Team” of lobbyists whose calls are to be put right through, the guide–which was also featured in ProPublica–has some other tips:

The unofficial survival guide (called “The 2111” in reference to 2111 Rayburn House Office Building, where Young’s office is located) gives a complete rundown on the perils of working for Young. There’s a section on how to deal with the unpredictable Young, for example: “Expects you to open doors for him (particularly tricky when he does not specify where he is going, make a guess).” And an even more extensive section on how to deal with the apparently also unpredictable lawmaker’s wife, Lu: “Don’t stand in her way — don’t stand anywhere I would suggest. Sit down or hide in the broom cupboard,” and “Eat what she tells you to eat.”

Young’s press secretary has this to say about the guide:

“It’s always interesting to see how students view their intern experience,” Kenny added. “It appears that some of what they have written is tongue in cheek, some to help relieve the daily stresses of working on Capitol Hill. At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure that all interns have the best experience possible.”

Yeah, sounds like it.

UPDATE: (H/T commenter Elvis Elvisberg) TPM has more.