Technically, I Guess, “Lying” Is a Form of Sensory Deprivation

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I know you’re going to be shocked:

A Senate investigation has concluded that top Pentagon officials began assembling lists of harsh interrogation techniques in the summer of 2002 for use on detainees at Guantanamo Bay and that those officials later cited memos from field commanders to suggest that the proposals originated far down the chain of command, according to congressional sources briefed on the findings.

The sources said that memos and other evidence obtained during the inquiry show that officials in the office of then-Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld started to research the use of waterboarding, stress positions, sensory deprivation and other practices in July 2002, months before memos from commanders at the detention facility in Cuba requested permission to use those measures on suspected terrorists.

You say that senior officials in the Bush administration covered up their involvement in a venture of a legally sketchy nature? Next you’ll be telling me they fabricated talking points based on a desired outcome rather than facts on the ground! Or, ooooh, maybe they perverted the concept of impartial prosecution! Seriously, at this point, what form of deception could the Bush administration practice that would totally surprise you? I’m not kidding. I want a list.