That Clinton Campaign Debt

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Tomorrow’s NYT has an interesting story on the unprecedented financial straits in which Hillary Clinton ended her presidential campaign. Michael Luo suggests that even if Barack Obama is willing to try to put his own fundraising machinery to work on her behalf, it might not be so easy:

Several Obama fund-raisers interviewed, however, said privately that they believed helping Mrs. Clinton with her debt would be difficult, given that they are also being asked to raise money for Mr. Obama and to build up the coffers of the Democratic National Committee, which badly trails the Republican National Committee in cash on hand.

They also pointed out that some Obama donors would find it difficult to overcome the animosity they had built up during a long, hard-fought primary season.

In an example of just how difficult it can be to raise money for another candidate, Senator John McCain’s campaign agreed this year to help Mr. Giuliani retire his debt, but progress has been slow because of the need to raise money for Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, and the party.

But there’s one person who might be able to help her out:

Some of Mrs. Clinton’s largest outstanding bills are to some of her closest advisers, who might be willing to cut her a deal. Mrs. Clinton, for example, owes nearly $5 million to the firm of her former pollster and senior strategist, Mark Penn.