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Swiftboating From the Right

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But not of Barack Obama. (ADD: there is a hateful piece of garbage on Youtube)–which revisits, in its last minute, the same slanderous nonsense about John McCain’s time as a prisoner of war that the Bush campaign helped spread through South Carolina in 2000. It wouldn’t be worth commenting on but for the provenance. It was made, apparently, by a Ron Paul supporter. This raises the question of just how virulent the Libertarians will be in the coming election. Both Paul and Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate for President should condemn this immediately and do what they can to re-educate the jerk who made it.

On second thought: I just removed the Youtube link because I don’t want to be a party to the spreading of this stuff–although I did want you to know it exists. I’m not sure about the blogetiquette of doing that. But I feel far more comfortable presenting it this way. Thoughts, commenters?