Hillary Clinton Is Dropping Out

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At least, it looks that way, though as one Clinton associate notes: “It’s not done with Bill or Hillary Clinton until it’s done.” Sources have confirmed to me the news, first reported by ABC, that Hillary Clinton is likely to drop out of the race by the end of the week.

The decision comes after a day of conference calls with her supporters, including a particularly blunt session with some of her most loyal backers in the House of Representatives. This is not the setting in which lawmakers generally speak their minds. But in this case, “there was very strong urging–unambiguous urging” that she get out, says one source who is familiar with the conversations.

Clinton’s refusal to concede to Obama has put many of these supporters–particularly African-American House members, who backed her while the vast majority of their constituents voted for Obama–in a difficult spot. It became clear during those calls that if Clinton waited much longer, these supporters were going to bolt to the Obama camp without her.