If a Tree Falls in the Woods

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Or rather, if a presidential candidate, or this case spouse, holds an event without press, did it happen? It’s bad enough being late – like the two hours late Edwards usually ran – but somehow it’s even worse being early. People who show up on time are disappointed to have missed the event. And press have no video, no sound and no words to disseminate to the general public. Which was why I was a little disconcerted to arrive at a Michelle Obama event in Louisville, Kentucky today 45 minutes ahead of schedule only to find that she’d already spoken. Rudy Giuliani ran similarly early in Iowa, to much ridicule from the press. And Bush, who consistently runs early, sometimes has to halt the motorcade to give supporters and staff time to prepare for his arrival (I’ve often giggled at the surreal picture it must have made one of those times in 2004 when the motorcade stopped for 45 minutes in a Wisconsin field). Even though I’d missed Michelle, a few of the eager beaver early local press caught her so she still got at least some press. But I wondered, what must the supporters who showed up to find they’d missed her must have thought? I didn’t have time to find out – her staff warned me she could be running as much as an hour early for her next event (90 minutes away) so I booked out of there.