In the Arena

Today’s Appeasement Smackdown

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Here is what Barack Obama said in South Dakota.

Here is the McCain campaign’s response.

So, which of these responses is hysterical? I suspect the purple, perfervid tone of the McCain campaign will not hold up very well in the fall.

P.S.–Once again, McCain’s spokesman indulges in a tactical, umm, mistake: waving the bloody shirt of Ahmadinejad as the leader of Iran, even though he has no control over foreign policy. And again, I wonder why the McCain campaign would do that. I certainly hope it isn’t because McCain wants to link Obama with a politician who noisily hates Jews?

Of course not. Just as Joe Lieberman the other day didn’t want to link Obama with Hamas…but Lieberman just had to wonder why a Hamas official might “favor” Obama for President. Isn’t this getting pretty obvious? The answer is…Florida.