More From This Morning’s Conference Call

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I — and a Friend of Swampland — have taken the liberty of trying to recreate the IM conversation between Obama advisor David Axelrod and Clinton advisor Howard Wolfson Michael mentions below:

KewlSweater (9:26:06 PM): yt?

AxStache (9:26:55 PM): y

KewlSweater (9:27:01 PM): we got the white ppl! suck on it!

AxStache (9:27:12 PM): sorry am 2 busy sucking on our 14 PT WIN! PWND!!!!!

KewlSweater (9:27:40 PM): 😦

KewlSweater (9:27:45 PM):
u don’t have to be so mean about it.

KewlSweater (9:28:01 PM): dude rlly, this like, totally blows….

AxStache (9:28:04 PM): i know bro. srsly, i feel for you…

KewlSweater (9:28:07 PM): it’s really curious how much this blows…

AxStache (9:28:14 PM): i know man, but it doesn’t blow as much as Penn!

KewlSweater (9:28:16 PM): LOLOLOL

AxStache (9:28:17 PM): LOL!!!!!

KewlSweater (9:28:19 PM): SRSLY!!! LOLOLOL J 😉

AxStache (9:28:21 PM): ROFL ROFL….i think i laughed so hard i made my mustache crooked!

KewlSweater (9:28:22 PM): LOLOLOL

AxStache (9:28:23 PM): heehee

KewlSweater (9:28:25 PM): i miss you

AxStache (9:28:29 PM): i miss you too

Phil4Hill (9:28:30 PM): hey guys what’s up?

KewlSweater (9:28:35 PM): um….hey