Not to Flog a Dead Horse…

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But I found it a glaring omission in last night’s debate that trade was not addressed at all. The moderators managed to dwell on why Obama doesn’t wear a lapel pin but there was nary a mention of the collapse of Columbian Colombian Free Trade deal in Congress (or the fact that Mark Penn had to resign after he met with the Colombian ambassador about helping get the deal through). For a state that has lost more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs and has another 286,000 vulnerable jobs, it’s kind of amazing the subject didn’t come up. Especially since it emerged today that Obama campaign is sending out a negative Pennsylvania mailer hitting Clinton for flip flopping on Nafta.

Moveon has started a petition “protesting the (ABC) network’s trivialization of what should have been an important debate.” And pledging to run an ad protesting ABC if 100,000 people sign the petition.