Bowling For The Presidency

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Hillary kicked off the press conference she just had with an April Fools gag:
“I just want to take a moment to say that this has been a very hard fought race each of us is drawing enormous support. We clearly need to do something,” she said in a somber tone. “Today I am challenging Senator Obama to a bowl-off, a bowling night right here in Pennsylvania, winner take all. I’ll even spot him two frames.”
“It’s time for his campaign to get out of the gutter,” she continued to guffaws from the press. “For all the pins to be counted… And when this game is over the American people will know they’ll have a president who’s ready to bowl on day one. We don’t have a moment to spare because it’s already April Fools Day.”
Heading to meet up with the Obama folks now — we’ll see if he accepts her challenge. I have no idea how good a bowler HRC is, but Obama’s the first to admit, he sucks.