Rev. Wright = Don Imus?

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I flipped to Hillary’s press conference late, but just in time to hear her compare Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s statements to shock jock Don Imus’s controversial comments on the Rutgers’ Women’s Basketball Team that got him fired.

“I gave a speech at Rutgers last year,” Clinton said, “saying enough was enough, it’s time to stop the culture of degradation… It is not a license to discriminate or to embarrass. It’s not a license or excuse to demean or humiliate our fellow citizens.”

“We don’t have a choice when it comes to our relatives,” she continued. “But we do have a choice when it comes to our pastors.”

For a candidate trying to woo black voters, Imus is not good comparison for Clinton to draw. Imus was a shock jock who was fired for saying offhand something very racist and insulting that he thought was entertaining. The former Rev. Wright was a serious and beloved preacher who made inappropriate and divisive comments that Obama has since condemned. But Wright didn’t do it for entertainment; he was earnest in his belief of inequality in the system. I left a message with the church to see what they make of her comments and will update if I hear anything back.