Obama’s Big Speech

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My husband joked this morning that perhaps Obama should just give Mitt Romney’s speech, but, obviously, Obama has to do more than just calm fears about his “weird” religion. In fact, the concern here is less about the strangeness of his or his pastor’s beliefs than, one could argue, their familiarity. We’ve seen the movie Rev. Wright describes before; there is no happy ending. Obama has to address a division and source of anxiety, violence, and sorrow that’s as old as the country itself.

So, you know, no pressure!

It’s to start at 10:15.

UPDATE: Yesterday’s Obama post generated some fantastic commentary from some of our Swampland regulars, btw. Highly worth your time to browse thought it while waiting for the speech to begin/watching it later. I was particularly impressed by the discussion of Langston Hughes that starts here and thanks to jayackroyd for pointing out a thoughtful post from Pastor Dan here.

UPDATE: Something of a hold up for Barack’s big speech. They’ve sent out the embargoed speech so I doubt he’s scribbling additions in pencil just offstage… It’s entitled “A More Perfect Union.”