Cute or Sad?

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• “Until this election, presidential campaign merchandising was largely limited to yard signs, lapel pins, bumper stickers and other baubles…This time, the campaigns have still been giving plenty of paraphernalia away, but they’ve also leveraged a growing Web presence to reach a population willing to pay for the same gear, plus many more-elaborate items on offer — everything from piggybanks to DVDs, knit hats to fleece jackets.” [CQ]

• “Senator John McCain is a Minotaur.” [Colbert]

• “However, either Rep. Elijah Cummings or Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, both of Maryland, will lose their team tonight when Coppin State, in Cummings’ district, faces Bartlett’s Mount St. Mary’s in the play-in game. Their prize: Facing UNC.” [RCP]

• “If it weren’t important financial news, would we be talking about it before the hooker story?” [Daily Show]

• “I think it will probably be difficult [for Hillary to win the nomination without FL and MI], but that’s not the issue.” [Hotline]

(I had trouble playing the TDS video on their site, an embedded version, which seems to work better, is after the jump.)