Help Justin Fox Name the Financial Crisis

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The Curious Capitalist is looking for ideas, though he has a few of his own.:

“Subprime crisis” was fine at first, but it’s now totally inadequate to describe what’s going on. “Credit crisis” is way too generic. And “rolling financial crisis of 07-08(-09?),” which I use above, is way too lame.

UPDATE: The latest report from the White House press pool. (“Pool spray” is a term that describes a photo op, where a group of fotogs and a few reporters are brought in to take pictures and–usually–throw a few questions at the President.):

Pool Report #5

March 17, 2008

In the shortest pool spray since at least the Garfield administration, the pool was ushered into the Roosevelt Room at the conclusion of the meeting between the president and the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. Within seconds – like, the number you can count on one hand – the pool was “thanked” and ushered right out, much to the amusement of POTUS. No statements. No questions.

Keith Koffler