Clinton Conference Call, 3/13/08; Thoughts?

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Will be at 11:30AM EST. This one is with Gov. Ed Rendell — ideas for questions addressed to him specifically would be much appreciated. Some interesting data points:

• Rendell has said that Clinton would give the VP slot “serious consideration.”

• He’s defended the prospect of superdelegates picking a nominee that did not win the pledged delegate count:”The Obama campaign wants to play by the rules. Those were the rules going in. That’s number one….Number two, superdelegates have always had the responsibility for fielding the strongest candidate…And we’ve got to get the strongest candidate. And if she wins Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Florida on top of all the other big states she won, if she wins the key states that are going to decide the election, let’s go with our strongest hand because the issues are too important to risk losing.”

• He’s asserted that “conservative whites” in Pennsylvania “are probably not ready to vote for an African-American candidate.”

•According to a new Strategic Vision poll, McCain beats both Hillary and Obama, but only Obama is within the margin of error (+/- 3%):

John McCain 48%

Hillary Clinton 42%

Undecided 10%

John McCain 47%

Barack Obama 44%

Undecided 9%