That Hillary Ad

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We’re assuming that Hillary Clinton’s campaign got a discount on this new ad:

Considering she got it used and all. This is the one her media consultant Roy Spence did for the Mondale campaign in 1984 (please bear with the intro):

The New York Observer’s Steve Kornacki fills us in:

The Mondale ad began airing after Hart stunned the former Vice-President in the ’84 New Hampshire primary, a verdict that nearly pushed Mondale out of the race. But Mondale steadied himself with wins in two southern states and a handful of big industrial states. Whether the “red phone” ad was a key ingredient in his comeback, though, is debatable: He was also aided by several Hart gaffes and the Hart organization’s inability to convert from a small, rag-tag operation before New Hampshire into a full-fledged national campaign.

UPDATE: Hotline’s Last Call predicts (I’d give you a link, but it’s expensive subscription-only):

Phone companies are bracing for a meltdown at precisely 3 a.m., when every Obama supporter in the nation is expected to drunk-dial a Clinton supporter.

SATURDAY MORNING UPDATE: Okay, this is weird. Obama put up a response ad to the 3 a.m. ad on his website. After watching it once, I tried to post a link, only to be told the video is “no longer available.”