Care For a Mint With That Pillow?

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Anyone wondering if tonight’s debate between Obama and Clinton would be sugar or spice you got your answer 16 minutes in: SPICE!

After a 16 minute somewhat testy but nicely substantive exchange on healthcare – Obama challenged HRC to lay out how she’d enforce her mandate and she accused him of leaving 50 million people out in the cold since his plan has no mandate — Hillary was asked a question about NAFTA.

“Can I just ask?” Hillary said before answering the question. “I always seem to get the first question and I don’t mind but if any of you saw Saturday Night Live, maybe we should ask Barack if he needs another pillow.”

Obama didn’t respond, but Yowsers! this promises to be a fun debate!

The topics have ranged from NAFTA to foreign policy, the war in Iraq, Clinton’s tax returns and they just wrapped up a section on Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement of Obama which Obama “denounced” and then Hillary insisted he also “reject” it. Obama laughed — he seems much more at ease at this debate and in comparison to HRC — and said he didn’t see a difference between “denouncing and rejecting” but he’d do both if it pleased Hillary.

Olufemi — you’re right, it’s 15 million, apologies.

Debate just finished with a warm and fuzzy moment from Obama about how HRC would make a good president, better than McCain, but Obama believes he’d be the best and that’s why he’s running. And this Hart Seely Slate story from last July is an appropriately hysterical mocking of Tim Russert’s gotcha scenario questions that were prevalent tonight.