Hillary Around: Audio, Matthews, Pretty!

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Audio of today’s conference call. A favorite bit: The assertion that Obama might be declining debates “because he thinks he’s winning.” Why, yes, I think that’s it.

• “One Democratic operative said she can win on contrast ads ‘if it’s done correctly.’ The source added: ‘Think Mac vs PC ads. Huge attack ads, but make you smile and feel good.'” [The Fix]

• “Several sources familiar with the discussions tell me that top Hillary advisers have repeatedly lodged private complaints directly to MSNBC about Matthews’ on-air conduct. They have complained to MSNBC about Matthews’ less-than-chivalrous remarks about Hillary, such as this one, as well as coverage of Hillary that they view as unfair.” [HM]

• “Speaking about her work in South Texas as an organizer for George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign, Clinton said two strong Texas women inspired her — Congresswoman Barbara Jordan and Texas Governor Ann Richards. Clinton said they taught her about courage and determination. Then she suggested that she is hearing from them even as her campaign struggles to compete after a string of losses. ‘I can hear their voices saying, ‘You keep going! You give the people a real choice about the future!’ she said at a campaign event. ” [ABC]

• “Asked why Clinton didn’t take the opportunity to congratulate Obama, spokesman Doug Hattaway said there are too many contests bunched close together to discuss the results of each during speeches.” [Politico]

• “Oh, it’s always the ad, never the message.” [WSJ]

• And she won New Mexico! [Ben Smith]

• HillaryPool: “She’s a lot prettier in person…She has all the right stuff. TV doesn’t do her justice.” [after the jump]

Pool Report Amy Chozick The Wall Street Journal.

Hillary Clinton visited the West Side of San Antonio today to go door to door shaking hands with voters. No news. A lot of chaos, people running out of their houses, kid flooding the streets as if she were the Pied Piper. Highlight was one woman in a frenzy, running out of her home with a box of Kleenex for Clinton to sign. “I didn’t have anything else, Mrs. Clinton,” the woman said.

Color: Clinton poses with children. People swarm her taking pictures with their cell phones. Lisa Barnes, 50 and a student calls out “You’re going to win! We’re going to vote for you.” Clinton responds: “Thank you, I need you.”

Later Barnes explain why she’s supporting Clinton: “Because she’s got more balls than anyone else I know,” she says. “Wait, can I say that?”

Clinton and an army of secret service agents continue down the block lined with modest wood paneled homes with little grass yards and metal fences. Daniel Mendez, a nurse in San Antonio snaps a photo with her. He’s wearing his nursing uniform. Clinton notices this and says “I’m so proud to have the endorsement from the nurses union.”

“That’s why I’m here,” Mr. Mendez says.

“Thanks for coming to my neighborhood,” someone yells. Rudy Hernandez, a 30-year-old working on his GED, yells out “What can you do for stricter laws for animal cruelty? You know like the circus and stuff.”

Clinton nods as she continues to sign autographs: “You know we’re working on that. It’s a problem.”

She pauses and crouches down to pet two spotted brown and white beagles named Mylo and Daisy. The dogs’ owner, Mario Montoya, says he’ll vote for Clinton.

“You’re gorgeous! Take that back to Bill. Tell him I said that,” yelled housewife and Clinton fan Rosie Flores. “I love her and what she’s going to do for us,” Flores says. “She’s beautiful.”

Aurelia Leos, 46 and a stay at home mom, calls out to Clinton that she’ll get President Clinton some of his favorite mango ice cream from the Menger Hotel, a historic hotel in downtown San Antonio near the Alamo. “I hope she wins,” Leos says.

“I shook hand with your husband. I just need Chelsea now,” Noemi Douson, a home health care provider says as she shakes Clinton’s hand. Clinton smiles and nods.

“She’s a lot prettier in person,” Douson says. “She has all the right stuff. TV doesn’t do her justice.”

Birtha Soto, 39 and a firefighter, can hardly catch her breath she’s so excited to see Clinton. “I live in the area, this is fantastic,” she says. As for Clinton’s recent run of losses to Obama, Soto says a definitive “It’s not over yet.”

Clinton says hello to a 6 month old baby named Jackson. “Hey sweetheart. Look at that smile. What’s his name?” she asks his mom.

Justin Howard, 25 and a teacher, calls out and asks Clinton how a mandatory health care system would affect the cost.

“It will actually be cheaper,” Clinton says going into her standard policy talk about not letting the health care companies control the cost. “People will pay what they can afford,” she says. She tells him how she will open up the Congressional plan and regulate insurance companies.

“We need other things like electronic medical records,” she says.

“Yeah, modernize things,” Howard says. He seems satisfied with the response but when asked whether he will vote for Clinton on March 4, he replies “I’d still like to see Obama. That’s why I’m here.”

Rudy Hernandez, the man who asked about animal cruelty in the circus, yells “Mrs. Clinton! Mrs. Clinton.”

She looks his way and he asks her how she will take care of our veterans. “I believe when someone signs up to serve our country, we sign up to serve them,” Clinton says to applause from some people.

She continues on shaking hands until departing for a rally at St. Mary’s University. Endit.