Ambivalence, Shaking, Pimps!

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• “I’m ambivalent on torture.” [C&L]

• “I’m shaking even talking about it again. I feel like I got his stink on me. To have someone bring you to a height of your anger and frustration, and to be shot down that way – it was a pivotal moment for me. It became the impetus for making this record so political.” [TP]

• “White House mosque,” “obama & islam forever!” “islam hearts obama,” “barack HUSSEIN obama,” “Pimp My Chelsea,” “chelsea = pimped,” “Bill 4 First Pimp,” “The Bitch is BAAACK ’08.” [MM]

• “The harder question to answer is whether the Virginia and Maryland results represent some sort of ‘breakthrough’ for Obama among downscale white voters.” [Pollster]

• “My old rule was: never volunteer to to be a test subject for a less-lethal weapon (or a lethal one for that matter). Life is short enough as it is, and my hearing and vision are important to me. But since breaking that rule over the summer with the ‘pain ray,’ the Pentagon’s Active Denial System, I thought, well, why not?” [Danger Room]

UPDATE: Fixed Crooks and Liars link! Also, nice guess about the common theme….