Why Not Both?

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Assistant Managing Editor/Occasional Swampland intern Michael Duffy, author of this week’s story exploring the concept of a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket, reports in with some additional analysis:


Our new poll, taken before Super Tuesday, has some stuff Swampland readers might find interesting, if not terribly surprising:

–Obama fares somewhat better against McCain than Clinton; much of the difference can be attributed to the way independents would seem to break in the two different match-ups.

–There’s a split in the way voters regard the effects of Obama choosing Clinton as a running mate and vice versa.

–Also, when we drilled down into the data, we found that Clinton supporters were more enthusiastic about having Obama on the ticket than Obama supporters were about having Clinton on the ticket.

It will be important to see if and how those measurements change as the primaries go on and on and on.

Here’s the link.