Snarky, Snarky…

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As our colleague Daniel Eisenberg noted, the new line is, “On second thought, we have decided that Missouri is not really that important a toss up state.”

(The original Hillary email was sent “Tuesday, February 5, 2008 11:41 PM.”)

From: Obama Press Shop

Sent: Wed 2/6/2008 12:44 AM

Subject: a press release the clinton campaign wishes it hadn’t sent out

Southwest to Midwest, Clinton Picks Up Two More Toss Up States
Two more closely contested toss-up states have gone for Hillary Clinton.


Barack Obama outspent Hillary by $300,000 in TV ads in Missouri.

He also benefited from the endorsements of high-profile surrogates
across the state such as Representatives Carnahan and Clay, and Senator
McCaskill, all of whom actively campaigned for him and appeared in ads
on his behalf.

Despite these challenges – and with the help of Kansas City Congressman
Emanuel Cleaver and Former Majority Leader Dick Gephardt – Hillary
Clinton won this important toss-up state.


Both candidates competed fiercely in Arizona, visiting the state, and
investing resources in the state.

In addition to the endorsement of Governor Janet Napolitano, Barack
Obama visited Arizona twice, spent $1.3 million in television
advertisements, put an estimated 15 staff on the ground and opened two