Tomorrow’s Talking Points, Today!

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This might be just a super subtle framing tactic to make reporters think they’re getting the inside scoop, but the Clinton campaign just sent this out to their media mailing list. Alternate theory: cutting out the middle man! Brand new spin for less!:

Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2008 7:27 PM
Subject: Surrogate Points


We’re excited by what we’re seeing.

We have 21 states that are still outstanding where we expect to pick up a significant number of new delegates.

To be sure, both campaigns have a long night ahead of them — but we feel very good about the numbers that we’re seeing.

It’s very important that people in the states where the polls are still open get out and vote.


Unlike the Obama campaign, the Clinton campaign never dedicated significant resources to Georgia.

Sen. Obama spent over $500,000 dollars on ads on television and radio; we never went up on TV

The Obama campaign has 9 offices in Georgia. The Clinton campaign only has 2.

Sen. Obama has had staff and significant campaign operation across the state for 8 months. Sen. Clinton only deployed staff to the state in the last couple of weeks.

Polls have consistently showed Sen. Obama with wide lead over Sen Clinton. That lead has only widened over time.

Screenshot of the email after the jump.


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