Superlative Tuesday: I Am Signing Off For Now, Before I Really Embarrass Myself

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I leave you in the capable hands of the rest of the Swampizens. For now:

• “I know many of you labor hard to believe that there’s such a thing as an unbiased journalist (especially when said journalist mostly agrees with you)…Mine happens to be — are you sitting down for this — Republican… At any rate, I’m pretty sure that my vote this morning in New York’s Republican primary ended up going to … Hillary Clinton. How did this happen?” [AdAge]

• Best. Visual. Commentary. On. Punditry. Ever. [Atrios]

• There’s a reason why the California polls don’t make sense. They shouldn’t: “If one poll, conducted entirely over the last 48 hours, shows a candidate leading by 10 points, while another conducted in the same state over the same time period, shows a another candidate leading by 13, and we cannot see enough of the details of how the polls were done to at least explain why they differ, why should we trust what any of these polls tells us?” []

• Cat-on-the-street interviews: