Super Tuesday Snippets

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• “The presidency has gone pop-cult. And to a large extent I blame the WGA.” [EW, h/t J.J.]

• How the McCain campaign got its groove back: “A bill for $900 worth of doughnuts gave way to a ban on what had always been a trademark of the McCain bus and a staple of the senator’s diet.” [Chicago Tribune]

• “Romney has ‘what all Americans want in the White House,’ Matalin said, ‘which is an all-American family.'” With visual aids. [Think Progress]

• As Stephen King was just saying: “Hillary Clinton Picks Her All-Time Worst Outfits for Us Weekly” [US Weekly]

• “Any ‘exit poll’ numbers you hear about before 5:00 p.m. are bogus (or at least, not produced by the networks).” []