Super Tuesday Snaps: Cute, Corruption, Crap

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• “Vote vote vote, Like a baby stoat, stoat stoat stoat, cast a leetle vote! DO EET!” [Cute Overload]

• Toll-free number to report election fraud: 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683). [Threat Level]

• Blog posts titles we have loved: “Pop music = crap.” I mean, why go on? Like haiku for culture war alarmists. [Michelle Malkin]

• Ambinder’s tip sheet. [Abminder]

• “In a matter of hours, then, Mitt Romney said that Bob Dole was the ‘last person’ whose support he would want and also that he would ‘love’ to have Bob Dole’s support. As I write this, normally clear-headed conservatives are claiming that this is not, in fact, a flip-flop.” [TWS]

• Will the perfidy of the NYT know NO BOUNDS!?!?! “It shows a happy and smiling Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama all of whom are smiling widely, showing teeth and looking quite inviting. Then comes the photo of Mitt Romney. For Mitt the NYT chose a picture with a closed-mouth, wry smile, looking down at the viewer, eyebrows heavily shadowed.” [Newsbusters]

And a look behind the scenes at AMC ELECTION NIGHT HQ! $100,000 fancy monitor, schmonitor, we got snacks!