Obama: “Clinton is the Favorite”

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Senator Barack Obama cast his vote in his hometown of Hyde Park, IL today, quipping: “It was close but in the end I went for Obama.” He then paused to answer a couple of questions for reporters. He played down expectations, but in the end predicted that no clear winner will emerge from today’s voting.

“I still think that Senator Clinton is the favorite. She had 20- to 30-point leads in many of these states. We’ve been closing some ground and my guess is that we’ll have a good night and we’ll probably end up having to split this.”

“But what we do know is over the last couple of weeks we have seen the message that I’ve been delivering about changing how the economy is operating so that it’s not tilted towards the wealthy but working families” has been resonating, Obama said. “I think that the debate that we had about Iraq on Tuesday in Los Angeles, obviously the support that we have gotten from people like Senator Kennedy has generated a lot of energy on the ground.”