The E-War: RNC: YOU Try to Keep Up

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Won’t bother cutting and pasting the articles, but here’s a sample of the subject lines of all the emails I’ve gotten today from the Republican National Committee… today.

RNC statement and research on Senate’s economic stimulus vote

They Said It! Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) On Breaking Her Campaign Promise To Bring 200,000 New Jobs To Upstate New York


In Case You Missed It: Clinton’s “35 Years Of Change” Omits Most Of Her Career

BUFFALO NEWS – It’s the economy, Clinton says

WP – Mr. Clinton and the Tycoon (Editorial)

Poll – Obama erases Clinton’s lead (USA TODAY)

NYP – Can the Clintons Change? (Editorial)

Reuters – Hillary Clinton may unite Republicans

NYT – In Health Debate, Clinton Remains Vague on Penalties

Here’s what I’ve gotten from the Democratic National Committee:

DNC DAILY FLIPPER: Impossible Germany, Unlikely McCain

Granted, the DNC email contained several articles. I’m just saying.