Re: I Second the Emotion

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I was there, and can’t figure out why people are making so much of it. It really wasn’t a big deal, just a sentimental moment. Meanwhile, Senator Clinton is fighting what appears to be a losing battle with a nasty cold. I wonder how much voice she is going to have left for her Letterman appearance tonight and her town hall meeting that will be broadcast on the Hallmark Channel.

UPDATE: Swampworlds collide. Jason George of The Swamp notes that just about everyone on the Clinton campaign is sick, and picks up on one staffer’s observation that Airborne should be the official sponsor of the plane. Indeed, it seems all of us (including yours truly) are crumbling little tablets into our water bottles, although there is something of a debate going on as to whether Wal-born, the Walgreen’s house brand, works just as well.

UPDATE2: There’s now a video at the link. Take a look and tell us what you think. Big deal or no big deal?