Dispatches from Delegateville

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A hearty soul sends some DIY punditry from Alabama:

Mon, Feb 4, 2008 at 11:37 AM

All of the Democratic political establishment lined up early for Clinton. The Trial Lawyers sent many, many checks to Edwards, and Obama is apparently up 6 points and climbing down here.

I personally think that people are caught up in the power of the movement, and the desire for something different — which may not be the same as “change.”

In Montgomery, there is more palpable interest in the start of the 08 legislative session — which coincides with the Primary, and Mardi Gras. But people are also curious as to who is supporting whom, and why.

I have started to see cracks in the Clinton facade, and believe that a majority of “connected” Democrats may, in fact, end up voting Obama.

As for the “air war,” I spent most of the weekend holed up in my house with a hurt back, sinus troubles, and the desire to rest up before the session (full disclosure: I am a *dreaded* “registered lobbyist” who did some primary consulting for Richardson) — Obama’s ads sound and look like they are building a movement, and Hillary’s look like standard election day pablum.

I also think that her emphasis on jobs, especially blue collar, are not exactly targeted to Alabama voters, because our economy is running well ahead of the national economy, and the Governor and legislature have worked together to recruit 3 or 4 large construction type projects in the past year or so — and distributed them throughout the state.

Hope it helps, keep up the good work


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