Ahhhhhnold Bearhugs McCain

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Nay-sayers are nay-saying it doesn’t matter, because Schwarzenegger has the same problem as McCain: The base, they do not belong to us.

The governor’s staff has not-quietly put out a number from a private survey that says the Governator has an 81 percent approval rating “among Republicans in California.” It’s an impressive number, and suggests that the endorsement will help McCain a lot.

However: They haven’t — yet — released the raw survey data. We don’t know what the screen was to identify Republicans; we don’t know the MOE of the size of the survey. SurveyUSA’s December survey, however, suggests that 81 percent, while not totally insane, is at least a little kooky. With an MOE of +/-4, He’s at 69 percent among Republicans, and 69 percent with self-identified “conservatives.” Overall, he’s at 55 percent — and not particularly popular among moderates or liberals, so hardly the Hillary Clinton clone that John McCain is.* Is he popular enough with to solve McCain’s “moderate problem”? Is this endorsement even about the moderate problem, or is about getting pictures of McCain, Schwarzenegger and Rudy — arguably three of the most famous Republicans in the country, including the president — on tomorrow’s front pages?

Wait, I’m sorry, this endorsement is about the solar panel factory we’re at. They understand our roofing needs!