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The Kennedy Primary

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Well, the John and Teddy wings may be going for Obama, but the Bobby clan seems to moving in a different direction. This statement from Kathleen Kennedy Townsend was just released by the Clinton campaign:

“I respect Caroline and Teddy’s decision but I have made a different choice. While I admire Senator Obama greatly, I have known Hillary Clinton for over 25 years and have seen first hand how she gets results. As a woman, leader, and person of deep convictions, I believe Hillary Clinton would make the best possible choice for president. She shares so many of the concerns of my father. Hillary has spent a lifetime speaking out on behalf of the powerless and working to alleviate poverty, in our country and around the world. I have seen her work up close and know she will be a great President. At this moment when so much is at stake at home and overseas, I urge our fellow Americans to support Hillary Clinton. That is why my brother Bobby, my sister Kerry, and I are supporting Hillary Clinton.”

Editor’s Note: The boss informs me that Ethel Kennedy has been for Obama for the past two years or so…