SwampCast: Mittron Is a Real Boy!

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Don’t know if Jiminy Cricket visited last night or what but there was a different Mitt on display this morning in Grand Rapids (also last night on the plane). He was completely energized, loose, and funny — not that funny, but also not pre-programmed funny. He joked with/about his toddler grandson about things happening on the stage at that very moment! He’s telling stories he hasn’t told before, etc.

I’ve ever seen him like this before, but my first reaction was that *this* is a Mitt that could win a general.

That said, my fellow Romulan, Mike Madden (of Salon), talked to someone who came to the rally with twelve others from Missouri, and someone else who came here with 4 others from Iowa.

That’s about a 1/4th of the crowd. So, well, maybe nevermind.

Then again, the Mitchell Interactive tracking poll has Mitt up 35-29. So who knows.

Here, some video proof of a different Mitt: