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Fred Thompson: IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: From the McCain campaign:

Before that awesome Fred outburst, Romney made a major exaggeration…

What’s weird is that the first part of the sentence has never been utter before in the history of time. The second part….

Also, “awesome”? Awesome.

Anyway, full release after the jump.

UPDATE: Who gave Fred a Red Bull?

From: Brian Rogers
Date: Thursday, January 10, 2008 9:33 PM
Subject: Romney stretching truth on anti-abortion award

Before that awesome Fred outburst, Romney made a major exaggeration… His claim that Massachusetts Citizens for Life, as a statewide organization, gave him an award IS NOT TRUE. The group actually issued a statement to clarify that he received it not from them but from one of its regional chapters.

Here’s their press release from August…


BOSTON — Republican presidential candidate, Governor Mitt Romney, responding to an inquiry from ABC moderator George Stephanopoulos on Senator Sam Brownback’s ads questioning his pro-life tenure during the August 5, 2007 Iowa GOP presidential debate, mentioned an award he had received this year from “Massachusetts Citizens For Life.”

The Pioneer Valley Regional Chapter of Massachusetts Citizens For Life (MCFL), representing the entire western part of the Commonwealth, presented the former Governor its “William D. Mullins Award: For outstanding political leadership”. To make clear that the local award did not constitute endorsement by the state organization, MCFL President Dr. Mildred F. Jefferson has released the following statement and the full wording of the award citation.

Dr. Jefferson’s statement:

“Massachusetts Citizens For Life, Inc. (MCFL) as a non-profit corporation can not legally endorse political candidates. As one of the state affiliates of the National Right To Life Committee, MCFL has joined with them in a resolution that no individual state organization would endorse a presidential candidate until all of the states could make the decision collectively. This makes sense because the Republican presidential slate may not yet be complete.

“The Right To Life Movement is deeply grateful for the long and dedicated pro-life positions of Senator Sam Brownback, John McCain and the other five pro-life Republican candidates. We have followed Governor Romney’s political evolution carefully. While acknowledging moral reservations about abortion, he took a politically-expedient pro-abortion position. To move from there to admitting that he was wrong took rare courage. We welcome all who are willing to re-examine their scientific understanding and their consciences and change to take the pro-life position.

“We extend a special invitation to Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Although the national right-to-life movement is non-partisan, political reality forced us to build within the national Republican Party. We have worked too hard too long to get and maintain a right-to-life plank in the national Republican Platform to accept having a pro-abortion candidate win the nomination.

“Our right-to-life political force exists only to restore legal protection to innocent and vulnerable human lives from conception to natural death. We cannot do this without men and women in office who understand that our form of government has the constitutional imperative to ensure and guarantee the right to life.”

Brian Rogers
John McCain 2008