UPDATE: Re: Endorsements

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Oh, never mind.

A few days back in this space, I offered up a theory that Joe Lieberman’s endorsement of John McCain came at a good moment, because New Hampshire independents were suddenly showing an interest in voting in the Republican primary, rather than the Democratic one. But in a later conversation, Andy Smith, who conducted that poll, expressed some doubt about his own results, and told me to stay tuned for this week’s results.

That CNN/WMUR poll, conducted by the well-regarded University of New Hampshire Survey Center, is out today, and suggests that independents are either shifting back into the Democratic primary, or had never moved as much as the earlier poll indicated:

Undeclared voters, often referred to as Independents, can vote in either the Democratic or Republic primary. Currently, 60% of undeclared voters say they plan to vote in the Democratic primary, a slight rebound from a week ago. Currently, Romney holds a slim lead among undeclared voters with 30%, 25% prefer Giuliani, and 23% favor McCain.

Joe was right. The rest of the race looks pretty static, too, except for Hillary Clinton regaining her lead. If you’re interested in the other results, you can find them here. I think I’ll go Christmas shopping.