Dodd’s Filibuster Fallout

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Chris Dodd may have missed crucial stump time in Iowa in order to stage his filibuster of the telcom immunity provision in the FISA bill. But it paid off. Harry Reid pulled the bill on Monday, which counts as a big victory for Dodd. And the netroots rewarded Dodd’s efforts with an outpouring of support and activism. According to the Dodd campaign, more than 615,000 emails from more than 11,400 people were sent to other Senators lobbying them to back Dodd on the FISA filibuster. And more than 20,000 comments were posted on supporting his cause. The filibuster also benefitted Dodd’s long-shot presidential campaign. According to the campaign, it generated 20,000 new sign-ups and nearly $200,000 in contributions.

Which is not to say that Dodd’s chances of surging into the crowded top tier of Democrats in the presidential race have improved very much. But, as Sam Stein reports on HuffingtonPost, some of his outside supporters are pushing for a consolation prize: they want Dodd to challenge Harry Reid for the job of Senate Majority Leader.