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Overplayed Story of the Day

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With apologies to Karen…

The rumors of discord in the Clinton campaign. Well, yeah, things seem to be going slightly south–but just slightly. Obama has, if not mo, then minimentum…although his trajectory is especially surprising in New Hampshire, where the Clintons’ long history and the local Shaheen machine seemed to put HRC in a strong position. And Hillary’s ads haven’t been fabulous (but there hasn’t been a terrific ad yet in this campaign). And rumors of campaign shakeups presage…not very much. They’re inside baseball, and often insignificant. Kerry had several staff cataclyms by this time in 2004. (On the other hand, the shakeup not taken–the failure to jettison Bob Shrum–led directly to the Swiftboat debacle.)

Of course, the intimations of a marital spat between the Clintons at this late stage of the campaign is always fun. I’m just not sure that the intimations are composed of anything more than smoke. And she could still will it all.