The Oprah Effect

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The Obama campaign this morning offers these metrics:

At least 66,500 attended the rallies (More than 29,000 in Iowa, more than 29,000 in South Carolina and 8,500 in New Hampshire)

4,250 volunteers helped to build the events in the week prior and the day of the events (2,300 in South Carolina, 1,300 in Iowa and 650 in New Hampshire)

In South Carolina, 68% of the folks who signed up for the rally had never communicated with the campaign before. 1,300 supporters volunteered the day of the rally and more than 9,600 signed supporter cards for the first time. The first attendees arrived at the stadium between 5:00-5:30 a.m. yesterday morning.

In Iowa, tickets were distributed out of all 37 field offices around the state. In Des Moines alone, 1,385 volunteer shifts were completed for individuals who wanted tickets to the rally.

In New Hampshire, over 2,300 new supporters joined the campaign just this week leading up to the rally and more than 650 new volunteers signed on to help the campaign.