Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran…Bomb Bomb… Er….

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NYT has a story breaking right now that could seriously jolt the presidential debate in both parties:

U.S. Report Says Iran Halted Nuclear Weapons Program in 2003

How do the Republicans hawks on Iran figure this into their advocacy for a threatening posture against the country? Will Hillary’s moderately hawkish take on Iran — so carefully calculated to work for the general — now seem prescient or overheated? Lastly, will anyone suffer for trying to scare the heebeejeebees out of us (I’m looking at you, Norman Podhoretz!). Obviously, Iran remains a complicated, precarious global presence, but the whole “we overestimated their nuclear program” thing sounds dangerously familiar.

UPDATE: Yup, this is the Holy Moly report Joe referred to. It’s from the NIE.

UPDATE: Someday, now that the world is not on the brink of WORLD WAR IV, I will learn to spell Mr. Podhoretz’s name.