We’re In Ur Tubes, Messing with Ur Debate!

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TechPresident has a good run down of pre-game coverage of the YouTube Debate tonight. I was especially interested in this tidbit:

Meanwhile, Wired’s Sarah Lai Stirland notes David Borhman’s well-documented skepticism about letting the public select the questions. “If you would have taken the most-viewed questions last time, the top question would have been whether Arnold Schwarzenegger was a cyborg sent to save the planet Earth,” he told Stirland. That may be true (and unverifiable), but as we documented yesterday, almost all of the most-viewed questions this time around are serious and response-worthy.

What’s more, why should we trust the networks to come up with “serious and response-worthy” questions themselves? I think this dodge — to allow viewers to choose risks debasing the process! — was officially pronounced dead the instant MSNBC asked presidential debate participants about space aliens.

Oh, and yes, I will do the liveblog.