Re: The Few, The Not-So-Proud

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Throughout the campaign, Chris Dodd has consistently shown the best sense of humor of any of the candidates. Except maybe Biden. Or maybe it’s the other way around… Anyway, from his communications director:


Saw your post on “the few not so proud.” Not sure what Biden’s said on the topic, but like the snl writers, I think you may have biden confused for dodd. Regardless, wanted to get you dodd’s nat’l service plan and speech….

You can catch up on his plan here.

(And I was thinking of Biden, by the way, specifically, his speech at the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson dinner, where he went into a long description of how he would have addressed the American people post-9/11, and how service would be a part of that message — as, yes, opposed to shopping…)

UPDATE: Of course, national service is a very hot topic for everyone these days. Brief candidate plan comparisons here.