It’s Not TIME’s Person of the Year, but Huckabee Will Take It!

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First there was Chuck Norris’ endorsement. Then there was the fabulous Chuck Norris ad (see Ana’s post below). Now comes the news that Mike Huckabee has been named one of the “OL 25” — the “25 most influential people in hunting and fishing,” as chosen by Outdoor Life magazine.* Huckabee was so honored because, in addition to being an avid hunter and angler, as governor he pushed for an amendment to the state constitution that swelled the coffers of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. As a press release notes,

With over 29 million Americans classifying themselves as outdoorsmen, the group represents nearly one-third of the nation’s potential vote. Sportsmen, who historically tend to vote based more on the issues, than on party affiliation, were a much courted demographic during the 2004 presidential election. Issues such as conservation, Second Amendment rights, and the candidates’ personal histories as hunters and fishermen play a pivotal role in shaping the minds of outdoorsmen in November.

Clearly, there is no stopping Huckabee now.

*Outdoor Life was once owned, in part or whole, by our corporate parent, Time Inc. But not anymore! So this is not actually a disclaimer.

UPDATE: The awards for Huckabee keep rolling in! According to an unofficial campaign blog, Huckabee is soon to receive the AARP’s Impact Award, which is given annually to “10 honorees who did something extraordinary to make the world a better place.” Read more here to find out what Huck did to be so honored by the nation’s premier senior citizens lobby. (h/t to David Van Biema).