SwampCast: The Green Gap

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Hillary released a hefty energy policy today, chock full of progressive environmental ideas…that may sound familiar to Barack Obama and John Edwards (as well as Bill Richardson and Al Gore — who she credited). Hillary’s become the last of the front-runners to endorse an 80% reduction in greenhouse gasses by 2050, and she’s pounced upon and expanded the notion of “green collar” jobs (which I first heard from Edwards) that would be created out of investment in alternative energy and she’s adopted Edwards’ emphasis on efficiency standards. (FYI: for info on her positions previous to today, see here.) But most voters will probably care more about the plan itself than its origins and for that judgment I will again go to Grist, who pronounce it “thoughtful, comprehensive, and though disappointingly conventional in a few areas, inspiringly bold in others.”

The comprehensiveness of all the Democrats’ energy plans got me to thinking about how little the R’s have said. Thus, the ‘Cast: