The Netroots vs. Nancy Pelosi: Who Will Raise More?

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It looks like a fundraising smackdown is in the works. For the past few days, liberal bloggers have been complaining about Nancy Pelosi attending a fundraiser this Saturday for Maryland Congressman Al Wynn, who is facing a Democratic primary challenge from Donna Edwards.

Edwards came surprising close to knocking off Wynn the last time around, in large part because the Congressman from the suburban D.C. area has alienated many on the left. Their objections to Wynn have centered primarily on the fact that he voted with Republicans on some issues, including the Bankruptcy Bill and the 2005 Energy Bill.

Now comes word that they are organizing a fundraiser of their own, aiming to drum up $100,000 from 1,500 internet contributors for Edwards. Earlier today, bloggers Jane Hamsher and Matt Stoller sent out an e-mail announcing that their effort has put together a formidable coalition in the liberal blogosphere:

Over the next four days, Color of Change, MyDD, Swing State Project, Americablog, Dailykos, Atrios, Crooks and Liars, and DownwithTyranny are coming together to work towards that goal.
On Saturday, during the Pelosi/Wynn fundraiser, we’ll cap it off with a Donna Edwards live-blogging session at many of the sites listed above.

Pelosi’s spokesman Brendan Daly is unfazed. “He’s an incumbent. That’s what we do,” he told me when I asked him about Pelosi’s appearance for Wynn. “We help our incumbents.”