In the Course of Human Events

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The methodology of this poll by conservative journal Human Events is not exactly scientific (emailing a list of subscribers?), but the results are suggestive, if also a little surprising:

Thompson 25 percent
Giuliani 20 percent
Huckabee 19 percent
Romney 13 percent
Hunter 8 percent
Paul 8 percent
Tancredo 5 percent
McCain 2 percent

I’m frankly shocked that Thompson is in first among these hard core social conservatives. Haven’t they heard about his Federal Marriage Amendment position? Maybe they haven’t. Giuliani’s continued relative strength in this crowd is just as mind boggling. I don’t know if Huckabee’s third place showing reflects recent momentum or just “none-of-the-above”-ing. Absolutely not surprising at all: McCain coming in behind even Tancredo.